Our Mission

To embrace the nobility of the financial advice profession through un-conflicted independence, resources and technology in a community of like-minded practices and teams that enables them to spend the majority of their time with clients, doing what they love.

Our why

Journey exists because we believe that support doesn’t just mean a high-end tech stack or access to do-it-yourself solutions.

Empowering advisors through strategic support
To us, support means intentionally partnering with advisors to help them make critical practice management decisions that free them to offer the best possible service and advice to their clients.
Redefining excellence in the evolving RIA landscape
As the RIA industry evolves, we’re committed to building a firm that transcends industry norms for platforms and service.
Our Values

We’re driven by a core set of principles that guide our business decision-making, our actions with you, and the way we support each other within our team.


Our commitment to integrity demands that we have an awareness of what is right and appropriate for our roles, behavior and relationships. We live, work and communicate with straightforward authenticity to create clarity and trust.


Our common humanity, despite various differences, is the foundation on which our service stands. Every person is treated equally, without regard for their race, national origin, gender, religion or any other category of individuality.


We believe collaborating with our colleagues elevates our expertise to deliver superior advice-driven service and solutions. We depend on our community in all areas of what we do, whether client facing or practice focused. Our team holds each other accountable for what we promise so that our actions meet the expectations we create. We think about succession from our clients’ perspective to ensure trust continues to grow.


We communicate clearly and kindly through the best compliant mediums for our clients. We press in when there is confusion to make sure that everyone understands and agrees to the path we’re walking together.


Cohesion, self-esteem, and caring bind us together at work and in our personal lives. We are ever mindful of how our decisions impact colleagues and loved ones.


Treating everyone impartially, offering unbiased and consistent assistance while ensuring equal access to resources and tools is at the core of our identity.


Every day we strive to bridge the difference between talking about diversity initiatives versus actual, meaningful inclusion in the workplace. We believe that everyone deserves a seat at the table.

We uphold the value of individuals, embrace diverse perspectives, and nurture
a culture of excellence.

Our service goes beyond the confines of our office locations

We reach out to you, no matter where you are.

Contact the nearest office to start a conversation


FAQ Section

At Journey Strategic Wealth, we've compiled this comprehensive questions to address common inquiries about our products and services.

Journey advisors pay an affiliation fee depending on the size of their practice. Contact us to learn more!

Advisors who have above average organic growth tied to their brand can co-brand with Journey.


Journey is ideal for advisors who are mostly models and who want to access an investment team for research, oversight, and trading. Its possible to accommodate anything an advisor is currently doing within our platform.