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How to Work “On” the Business Daily

Posted on Feb 15, 2021

In this video, Penny discusses what you may need to change about your team before leaving for a new firm.

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Which Aspects of Marketing Should You Outsource?

In this video, Penny discusses best practices for advisors who are struggling with what to keep “in house” and what to “outsource” as it relates to marketing.

Feb 11, 2021
Why Advisors Should Care About GameStop

When I ask advisors how recent headlines are impacting their communications with clients, the typical response is, “My clients don’t care about Tesla or Bitcoin. They’re not focused on what people say on the Internet. They know we have a sound, long-term plan in place.” I asked that question in March, when most of us […]

Jan 28, 2021
In The Press
Former Magnus Team Creates New RIA Model Leading With Practice Management

Financial advisors and former Dynasty Financial Partners executives Michael Brown and Brian Flynn have left Magnus Financial Group, a New York registered investment advisor backed by Merchant, to launch Journey Strategic Wealth, an RIA/partnership, with practice management coach Penny Phillips, founder of Thrivos Consulting. The firm, based in Summit, N.J., will start with just over […]

Jan 20, 2021