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CRM Practice Management with Penny Phillips

Join this live webinar as the Co-Founder and President of Journey Strategic Wealth, Penny Phillips details the ins and outs of top-tier CRM practice management. Tune into her conversation with Wealthbox VP of Sales Jomin Bishop to learn more about CRM best practices and get your questions answered live.

Marketing, Branding Yourself & Client Acquisition with Penny Phillips

These are, and always will be, the top priorities for the growing advisor. COVID influenced many aspects of financial planning, especially client acquisition. Top advisors have adapted and their businesses are growing faster than ever. Join Penny as she shares what’s working now. It begins with a relentless prospecting mindset and psychographic profiles to customize marketing initiatives.

See Penny speak at:

The Retirement & Longevity Summit
March 13-14, 2022
San Diego, CA
The Hotel Del Coronado