Our Structure

Our Partnership Philosophy

Our model is simple: We will offer you everything you need to run a growing, independent, planning oriented business… and then we’ll actually help you run it.

We believe in true partnership without the red tape

We are honest and transparent about every element of the process, because we believe that education around all the issues advisors face in the best way to work together.

We want every advisor to have a “seat at the table”

We believe that no matter the size or make-up of your business, you deserve a seat at the table and should know what’s working and what’s not.

We’re committed to a diverse environment

Our firm is intentionally diverse. We want opinions, thoughts and perspectives from people from all walks of life.

We uphold the highest standards for ourselves and our partners

Our ongoing “Zero Tolerance” training lays the groundwork for how we intend to uphold our policies at the firm and partner-firm level.

We Believe Advisors Should

  • Partner with a firm that aligns with your values
  • Have the ability to adapt to fintech advancements
  • Spend the majority of your time with clients
  • Be able to serve clients of any size
  • Receive objective advice from consultants who don’t have their own agenda
  • Provide your clients with a single place to go to, for everything
  • Give advice and get paid for it, without feeling conflicted
  • The opportunity to compensate your team fairly and monetize the business you have built

Our Process

We Align

We meet to align on fit – do our values and vision align? In order to create a successful partnership, alignment of needs is imperative. This process is completely transparent, we are committed to ALWAYS having direct and honest conversations with advisors, especially if we ultimately feel we are not the best fit.

We Analyze & Propose

Once we align, we want to make sure you have a complete understanding of how we will be serving you on an ongoing basis. You will receive a comprehensive proposal from us with our findings, suggestions and insights around your team structure, your p&L and finances and the support you’ll receive from us on an ongoing basis.

We Transition

If you are comfortable with our proposal we will move forward with beginning your transition, including coming to visit you ensuring that you have found space that you love and getting you set up with our transition specialists to walk you through the next few months.

We Launch

Onboarding is not a singular event at Journey. When you join us, together we will embark on a Journey (pun intended) of helping you build a bigger, more profitable fulfilling business. Yes, you own your business. But no, you will never be alone.


How do I know if we’re a good fit?

We have an extensive and thorough fact-finding process, across both practice and financial analysis, that we undertake first. We’ll produce an in-depth report that lays out your current team and practice, and what the business would look like after partnering with us.

What is the payout?

We believe that “payout” is not a value proposition. Nor should payout be a differentiator. An advisor receiving a payout north of 90% still has to run a business and a p&l. The “real net payout” of an advisor’s business is between 30 and 45% on average. Our payout structure is simple: we will manage your operations and p&L and pay you between 50 and 60% of your business’ revenue, representing your “owner’s equity.” You own your business and your clients. We are simply simplifying the financial management process for you. 

Do I have to brand as “Journey Strategic Wealth”?

Advisors who join us take on the Journey name and branding but have flexibility in how they market their services in their communities and among their client base. 

What happens to my team if I join?

Prior to partnering with any firm, we do an in depth analysis of your business including your financials and team structure. In many cases we recommend that the advisor leverages Journey for all specialized resources including investment operations and financial professionals and maintains a local team of client service and associate advisor professionals. Our goal is to help advisors maximize revenue generation and retention. We will provide an in-depth proposal with our recommendations on team members and their compensation prior to you joining.

What if I change my mind?

We don’t believe in restrictive contracts. We believe it should be easier to leave a firm than to join one. We write our contracts to make it very easy to dissolve them, because if either of us is unhappy, it won’t work. Everyone deserves to feel happiness and fulfillment in their professional and personal lives.

Ready to Get Started?

The financial services industry has become extremely complex. But that shouldn’t mean your experience
running your business should be too. Real conversations, real relationships. Sound advice and guidance.